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        [上海 切換城市] 北京 廣州 深圳

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        招1人 | 本科 | 五年以上 | 性別不限




        1. Work with Lab Manager to establish the R&D lab in Suzhou and participate into the operation management of Suzhou R&D center. The responsibilities may include but not limited to, selection and qualification of the R&D lab instruments, establishment of R&D lab documentation system, etc. 2. Responsible for strategy and directing the analytical development from exploratory stage through commercial launch and post-launch support assuring scientific, regulatory, and quality aspects of a project are met. The responsibilities may include but not limited to identifying Critical Quality Attributes, limits and controls for raw materials, initial/in-process and release testing.3. Works with a cross-functional team consisting of formulation, process development, production, regulatory affairs, supplier quality, raw material suppliers, etc. 4. Provides analytical interpretation of results from studies to stakeholders. 5. Management of assigned resources. 6. Keeps management apprised of accomplishments, any technical challenges, and resource constraints. 7. Participates in selection and management of CRO as necessary. 8. Responsible for completing analytical regulatory (e.g., CTD) sections and addressing regulatory agency comments for NPD as necessary. 9. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior. 


        1. Pharmaceutical science or other directly-related education background, bachelor or above. MS is preferred. 6-8 years working experience.

        2. Proficient as study director for method evaluation and validation for NPD.

        3. Demonstrated experience in applicable analytical instruments and methodology.

        4. A thorough understanding of compendial (minimally ChP and USP) and ICH (minimally Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q6) guidelines.

        5. Proven experience working with cross functional teams.

        6. Internal and external presence to identify new methodologies.

        7. Experience in issuing material specifications and test methods. 

        8. Experience in developing timelines to complete projects.

        9. Working knowledge of project management.

        10. Leadership skills with direct reports or demonstrated ability to work with indirect reports.




        • 公用設施主任

          2021/11/25 21:10:44
          1人 | 大專 | 五年以上 10000-20000元/月 申請
        • 制劑開發研究員

          2021/11/25 1:47:12
          1人 | 本科 | 兩年以上 7000-20000元/月 申請
        • 儀器分析主任

          2021/11/24 14:34:14
          1人 | 本科 | 五年以上 10000-20000元/月 申請
        • 合成開發專家

          2021/11/24 14:28:01
          1人 | 本科 | 五年以上 10000-25000元/月 申請
        • QA主任

          2021/11/24 14:28:01
          1人 | 本科 | 五年以上 16666-25000元/月 申請
        • 原料藥主任/API Supervisor

          2021/11/24 14:27:50
          1人 | 本科 | 八年以上 10000-25000元/月 申請
        • CMC項目經理

          2021/11/24 14:27:46
          2人 | 本科 | 五年以上 15000-20000元/月 申請
        • CMC項目經理

          2021/11/24 14:27:44
          1人 | 本科 | 五年以上 15000-20000元/月 申請
        • 質量保證主管/QA Supervisor

          2021/11/24 14:27:42
          1人 | 本科 | 五年以上 12500-20833元/月 申請
        • 注冊推進專員

          2021/11/23 7:54:01
          1人 | 本科 | 經驗不限 8000-15000元/月 申請

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