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        [上海 切換城市] 北京 廣州 深圳

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        招2人 | 本科 | 五年以上 | 性別不限




        The Project Manager is responsible for managing projects to successful and timely decision points from CMC drug product development. This role guides the project core to deliver on project objectives. ·       Establish and maintain functionally integrated project schedules to enable accurate project, financial and portfolio analyses and ensure accurate inputs are provided into business planning processes. Ensure alignment with project teams.  ·       Oversee and prepare project team budget including resources and costs, collaborating with Finance and other cross-functional departments. ·       Communicate, document and archive project team activities and decisions. Act as a primary contact for project team related information  ·       Proactively identify and manage risks with scenario planning and risk mitigation plans.  ·       Facilitate project team meetings, cross-functional communication and decision making, ensuring alignment with internal and external stakeholders.  ·       Identify, recommend and implement opportunities for streamlining team and business processes.  ·       Ensure the team achieves and maintains a high-level of sustainable performance by contributing to appropriate team management best practices.  ·       Ensure global/China development plan alignment, and facilitate inter-project alignment and communications ·       Coordination of medical, clinical and other necessary elements specific to China  ·       Coordination of China regulatory interactions: plan and tracking ·       Risk Identification, response planning and response implementation  ·       Knowledge / good practice sharing and achieving  ·       Finish other tasks assigned by line manager             


        Bachelor’s degree required;advanced degree preferred;Successful candidates will have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience, including a minimum of 3 years of project management required.  They have the ability to be comfortable with uncertainty and support teams through challenges, to identify and solve problems (escalating issues appropriately), and to adapt and respond to changes in a positive and thoughtful manner.             



        • 配液技術員

          2022/1/16 15:04:59
          2人 | 不限 | 兩年以上 4000-8000元/月 申請
        • 灌裝技術員

          2022/1/16 15:04:58
          1人 | 不限 | 兩年以上 4000-8000元/月 申請
        • 配液工程師

          2022/1/16 15:04:57
          3人 | 不限 | 三年以上 5000-10000元/月 申請
        • 倉儲技術員

          2022/1/13 18:26:27
          1人 | 中專 | 一年以上 4000-8000元/月 申請
        • 包裝工程師

          2022/1/13 16:29:37
          6人 | 中專 | 三年以上 5000-10000元/月 申請
        • 分析開發實習生

          2021/12/17 5:23:21
          1人 | 本科 | 經驗不限 120以上 申請
        • 維護工程師

          2021/12/16 22:58:28
          1人 | 大專 | 兩年以上 5000-10000元/月 申請
        • 醫學信息推廣專員

          2021/12/16 19:03:22
          1人 | 大專 | 兩年以上 7000-14000元/月 申請
        • 計劃專員

          2021/12/12 8:00:52
          1人 | 本科 | 三年以上 面議 申請
        • 質量保證工程師

          2021/12/12 2:46:53
          1人 | 本科 | 兩年以上 面議 申請

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